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To be industry’s choice for a quality and reliable partner for complete thermal spray technology, logistics, and coating solutions through our:

To have a recognized, sustainable, innovative, robust and global business specializing in industrial surface enhancement technologies. We will penetrate and take advantage of new fast growing markets, exciting new technologies, and will provide excellent services to the industries we support.

Our People
Our people are the main point of contact with our customers and, therefore, the reason for our success. We, therefore, are committed to give our people the best possible working atmosphere, environment and tools to perform and develop. An important part of the personal development of our people is training, both internally and externally. Through training, hard work and commitment our customers and our people benefit. 

Our Innovative and Sustainable Solutions
Innovation, both technically and the way we conduct our business, is the key to our future success. Sustainability is at the heart of our innovation. Every innovation is to include a sustainable solution. Sustainable solutions to ATGroup means delivering quality products while taking into account energy & waste reducing solutions, with the overall TARGET to reduce cost for ATGroup and our customers. 

Our Global Presence
ATGroup's customers are located all around the globe. ATGroup is committed to providing global service through its satellite offices, warehouses, technology-centers and strategically located people and partners. 

Our Loyalty and Passion
Loyalty and passion towards the company, customers and supplier is considered essential at ATGroup.  Through our loyalty and the passion for our profession we are able to develop and maintain long-term relations with our customers and suppliers. 

Our Service and Quality
Providing the best service and quality to our customers and living up to or exceeding the expectations of our customers is what we do every day. We have a “right first time” mentality. (thus almost right is completely wrong) Service and Quality go through the whole company, from engineering to sales, from finance to logistics. People will be given the tools and the necessary training to provide this best possible service and deliver quality. 

Our Fair Profit Policy
Our goal is not to maximize our profit short term, but to create a long-term strategy based on profit optimization, allowing us to grow, innovate and create value for our customers, employees and share holders.