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Research & development

Our market research focuses on understanding the unfulfilled need of customers. Once we identify and specify the need, we endeavor to find the best possible result.

Typical profile for a new product:
Markets: industrial, construction, horticulture, consumer.
Client base: marketing intensive, distribution based with thirdparty DMU's or high frequency direct contact similar to architectual marketplace.
The Product: has to be innovative or technically advanced.

Through our research of the European industrial and construction markets we identify the need for better solutions in specific (niche) markets.

In the process of developing better products and solutions we often identify existing or similar solutions already produced elsewhere in the world. After careful consideration and adaptation we market and promote the new solution into the European markets.

This method of market approach has been applied successful with:
  • Numerous Fire protection innovations & new products for European countries
  • Unique Horticultural innovations for Europe's largest Horticultural marketplace
  • Special metal tile trims
  • Architectural expansion joints
  • Industrial additives for textiles and plastics
  • Specialty fire retarders for the plastics industry