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Acoustical Solutions

For the interior design more and more sound-hardmaterials are used. Sound reflection and reverberation is perceived as a nuisance and can significantly affect human well being.

Sediphone acoustic plaster gives a seamless appearance, rooms appear spacious sound is absorbed and a pleasant sound is generated. Surfaces with plaster structures and textile character and different colours can be applied as a finish coat. Restrained surface or target edemphasis on the ceilings as a design element, give you many opportunities to influence the expression of space.

Sediphone acoustic plaster is available in every colour.

Thermal Solutions

ThermAtec is a high-quality thermal insulation spray. The patented product uniquely combines the foam like bonding agent to the insulation fibres in such a way it produces a uniform looking, light-weight material (ca. 31 kg/m3).

Thermatec consists of two products:
  • Thermatec CB is made from fire-retardant cellulose fibers mixed with a foam like latex bonding agent.
  • Thermatec GF is made from light-weight fiberglass mixed with a foam like latex bonding agent.
Application area’s ThermAtec is designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of:
  • Cavity walls
  • Roofs
  • Interior walls
  • Glass facades
  • Foundations
  • Parking decks
  • Underneath building floors