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Application & Installation services

Atlas Fireproofing is more than just an application company. We specializes in larger and complex projects, but we focus on our field of expertise:

  • Structural fire protection:
  • Steel structures
  • Concrete & wood structures
  • Fire stopping (penetrations)
  • Fire rated ceilings and ducts
  • Fire compartments
  • OHSA compartments
  • Industrial fire walls
  • Specialty fire walls
  • Grit blasting & Protective coating services
  • Specialty acoustical solutions
  • Specialty thermal solutions
Atlas has build on many years of experience in the passive fire protection field. This means we intimately know the products capabilities and their drawbacks As we know the application and building process inside out, we can advice towards optimal application and planning speeds The results are practical proven solutions, but we are not afraid to try new ones.

This is why we have our own researchers and fire engineers:  to further assist our clients in finding optimal solution for their problem. To demonstrate the validity of the chosen products to local authorities and building owners To ensure durability and fire safety Atlas FP works with many different structural fire protection materials:
  • Intumescent Coating Systems
  • On site, water based coatings
  • On site solvent based coatings
  • Off site 2 pack coatings
  • Off site thick film coatings
  • Cementitious spray applied fire mortars & systems
  • Fire rated boards and panels
  • Durasteel Barrier walls
Each system has their own advantages. The art is to select the optimal system or combination of systems for the project at hand based on the strategic criteria set by the customer. To be able to choose the optimal fire protection system, we need to take into account:
  • The local building regulations
  • Required fire rating
  • Customer requirements
  • Product fire performance
  • Steel profile details
  • Environmental factors
  • Project specific factors
  • Fire engineering
  • Thickness calculation and material optimization
  • Application solutions