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Passive Fire Protection Solutions

The Atlas Techrin Group has been active in passive fire protection since 1966. AT Group provides state of the art materials to the fire protection industry.

  • AT Group is a solution provider with full services in installation and application of all types of passive fire protection solutions.
  • AT Group offers economical solutions for all structural fire protection requirements, both from BoQ and performance specification enquiries. 
  • AT Group are approved installers of most recognized products currently specified to provide the required fire rating.
  • The AT Group managers, site supervisors and installers are qualified and certified in safety, product knowledge and installation techniques.

Products & Services Include:

Structural Fire Protection

Stuctural Fire protection is a is a passive fire protection measure to protect the structure. Protecting the structure against fire prevents the structure from collapsing early on during a fire and it allows fire compartments and escape routes to remain intact during that time.

When structural elements are exposed to fire, these elements structural materials lose some of their strength, for example, concrete will spall exposing reinforcement, timber sections will char to depletion and steel members eventually lose their load bearing capacity. 

The Fire ratings for buildings vary from country tot country. To be able to provide the correct fire rating, all protecting products have to undergo a series of fire tests.  The fire testing to ensure a safe building.

AT Group installs all types of fire protective boarding, sprays and coating systems systems to deliver up to four hours fire protection with products from all major manufacturers.

AT Group installs all types of fireproofing to structures:
  • Intumescent one pack coating systems for steel
  • fast track two pack Intumescent systems (within 24 hours shipped to site
  • Off Site & On site Coating Systems
  • Fire boarding systems and encasement systems
  • Spray applied mortars
  • Prefabrication of Fireproofing
  • fire boarding systems to deliver up to four hours fire protection with Promat, Knauf, Lafarge and other fire board products
Fire Partitions

Fire rated compartment walls can be designed to have ratings up to 180 minutes. For the purpose of regular fire walls many board materials can be used. We use our database of tested and approved systems to provide you with the best available solution.


AT Group uses optical lasers to align the walls and can comply with any request as described in the relevant standards. Metal frames are available in both standard gauge and high strength for high and industrial walls Special expansion gaps provision are always added for long walls.


Request information from our technical sales department for options. We specialize in the following partition walls:

  • Acoustical rated walls
  • Fire Partitions with high fire ratings
  • Double independent FR partitions
  • Complex shaped partitions
  • Impact resistant partitions
  • Curved partitions
  • Industrial large scale walls
AT Group is experienced in the supply and installation of fire rated glass partitions. For FR Glass partition solutions AT Group can advice you based on her  knowledge of fire testing of all products and manufacturers to give you the best possible solution. Due to the variety of fire rated glass and framing, we kindly request you contact our sales department for further information.

Fire Stopping Solutions
AT Group is an accredited specialist in providing fire stopping services. Our experience operatives provide fire stopping to all types of service penetrations and/or voids in fire compartment walls or floors with a variety of systems and solutions .

Every building is fitted with technical (MEP) services:
  • Mechanical services (HVAC)
  • Electrical services
  • Plumbing services
These MEP services penetrate the fire compartments in floors and walls. To ensure the required fire rating of the compartments, we need to seal the penetrating services. AT Group provides a full service approach to building fire safety:
  • Design of compartments
  • Electronic takeoff
  • Pricing & estimation
  • Engineering of solutions
  • Installations of fire stopping
  • Inspection & Electronic documentation of completion
  • Maintenance
Fire stopping is often neglected as part of the building’s fire protection design, but fire stopping or penetration sealing systems are a fundamental requirement of the fire safety design in buildings. Hence it  should be addressed early in the building process.

When fire stopping gets installed by non-specialists, their lack of expertise will result in questionable quality of the seal. Poor quality negates the fire protection of whole compartments. Owners should recognize that the expertise and quality of the fire stopping installation and penetration sealing is crucial to the performance of any fire stop solution, seal or the entire fire compartment.
When systems are installed correctly, fire stopping systems provide cost-effective solutions and compliance with legislation or insurance requirements. 

Effective fire stopping of service penetrations prevents the passage of smoke, toxic gasses and fire through gaps around services in walls, partitions and floors as well as enhance the acoustic performance and the air sealing properties of the structures.

AT Group has over 25 years of experience to comply to the applicable building regulations and support all its systems in a digital format that contains, all positions, pictures, mutations and up to date drawings.