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Flooring Products


We provide a service of superior waterproofing solutions to the European construction markets through skilled staff, reputable suppliers and highly trained installers with the most up-to-date, premium quality products available, that have been proven around the world.
Membranes & coatings

Instead of going through the expense and hassle of replacing your entire roof, ask us about Membranes & roof coatings that will quickly pay for themselves in energy savings while extending the life of your roof for years. The appearance of your building will greatly improve, as well.
Dry shake-on floor hardeners

Dry-shakes are blends of cement, aggregates, admixtures and pigments, applied on to the concrete surface during construction. Generally used to improve the floor’s abrasion resistance and durability, dry-shakes can also add colour and slip resistance. They can also be used to improve the surface quality where the concrete contains steel fibres. The main difference between these dry-shakes is their composition, which affects their hardness and where they are best used.